Google Wave y algunos Google Bots!

Este Post fue previamente un Wave que comenze para dar a conocer algunos tips para conocer y entender mejor los beneficions de google Wave. La informacion que aqui presento viene de: The Complete Wave Guide

Algunos Bots interesante para usar en Google Wave.

Hola, les anexo una lista interesante de Bots. Para usar en sus waves, para los que quieran saber mas sobre esto mas adelante les dare algunas direcciones donde viene mas info.

Primero lo Primero,

What’s a Bot?

A bot looks like any other Wave participant or contact. It has a Wave ID in the form of, and you can add a bot to your Contacts list just like you would any Wave user. The only difference between a bot and a human Wave user is that the bot is programmed to automatically perform some function within a wave. A bot is an automated wave participant that examines the contents of waves to which it is added, and updates or adds to them based on what it’s programmed to do.

For example, there are bots programmed to automatically delete empty blips in a wave, or link all words that start with an at sign (@) (i.e., @twitter_username) to Twitter. Get those and the Wave IDs of more bots in the section titled “A Few Great Bots” below.

Mas abajo vienen algunos ejemplos de diferentes Bots interesantes, Espero les gusten y los encuentren utiles. No dejen de poner sus comentarios.


Eduardo “Shooter” @vidaenzen

12:12 pm
me (and inbeddable):

Inbeddable (

You already know you can drag and drop images into Wave, but to include images that are already online in a wave, the Inbeddable bot saves you the trouble of saving and re-uploading them. To embed an image that’s already online, add the Inbeddable bot to your wave, and simply add the URL of the image to it. When you click Done (or press Shift+Enter), Inbeddable will turn the link image into the image itself, as shown in Figure 8-7.

12:14 pm
me (and inbeddable, Emoticony):

Emoticony (

The Emoticony bot converts textual smiley faces into smiley face images. Add Emoticony to your wave, and in any blip (except for the first one), Emoticony automatically converts emoticons to images, as shown in Figure 8-6.

12:16 pm

Polly the Pollster (

One of the most promising Wave bots available in the preview, Polly the Pollster lets you create multiple choice polls with custom questions and answers, and distribute them among any number of Wave contacts. As your contacts respond by selecting a radio button and clicking the Submit button, you can watch Polly’s poll results, in the form of a pretty graph, update in real-time. See a Polly-generated poll and results graph in Figure 8-2.

12:34 pm

TwitUsernames (

The TwitUsernames bot inspects the content of any wave it’s participating in, and converts any word that starts with an @ sign to a user link to Twitter. For example, if you type @malcolmreynolds into a wave and add TwitUsernames, that word turns into a clickable link that goes to

12:39 pm

Madoqua Wave Bot (

Bloggers and other web publishers who want to try publishing the contents of their waves should try the Madoqua Wave Bot. When added to a wave, this bot provides customizable JavaScript code you can copy and paste into any web page to embed a wave, as shown in Figure 8-5.

You need to be comfortable with copying and pasting HTML and JavaScript widgets into your web page to use this bot successfully. Keep in mind that if you embed a wave only certain people can see in a web page, everyone else will see either a Wave login page, or a message that they don’t have access to the wave. Even if you make the wave itself public and put it on a web page, it is still inaccessible to people who do not have a Wave ID—that is, didn’t get into the Wave preview.

Personalmente Creo que este esta muy interesante (no he jugado con el todavia pero suena prometedor)

12:38 pm

Por Favor dejenme saber si les Funciona este bot a los que tienen pagina!

12:09 pm

Wikify (

The Wikify bot adds links to and definitions from Wikipedia to your waves for a given topic. When you add Wikify to a wave, it provides instructions on how to add a link to Wikipedia for a topic, or a definition of that topic. See Figure 8-1. to see how Wikify works.

Espero y lo encuentren interesante y sobre todo “utilizable” para todos los que tengan una cuenta en google wave y me quieran agregar mi cuenta es:
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